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Wrongful Death Cases

Posted on Apr 1, 2017 by in Wrongful Death | 0 comments

So many major accidents have happened in the past and so many errors have been committed, all resulting to the untimely or wrongful death of innocent individuals. Fatal accidents include motor vehicle accidents, among others, while errors can be those committed by vehicle manufacturers (which resulted to defective vehicles or defective vehicle parts) and medical professionals, whose wrong diagnoses, failure to diagnose or mistakes during surgery have cost patients’ lives

Acting responsibly, so as not to put others at risk or cause injury to someone, does not need to be commanded by the law, but since many individuals continue to act negligently or recklessly, laws need to be made and enforced strictly to keep people from being unmindful of the safety of others around them.

These laws include traffic rules, the prohibition of the use of electronic devices while driving, manufacturing responsibilities that will ensure product safety, the standard of medical care which patients deserve to have, safety in the workplace, and so forth.

Wrongful death is the worst result of negligent or reckless acts. It is the major contributing factor in the millions of car accident, harmful or defective products, and hundreds of thousands of medical malpractice, truck accidents, accidents in the workplace, pedestrian accidents, and other types of accident.

Despite the unintentional harm caused on a victim and in spite of having done everything possible in order to avoid causing any harm, there is one presupposed factor of negligence, called strict liability. Strict liability makes the law hold a negligent or reckless person totally liable in an accident and all its consequences.

Loss of life and companionship are not the only painful effects of a wrongful death. There are also the unexpected funeral expenses, loss of future wages and many others than can cause an affected family financial trouble and so much emotional distress.

Filing a civil lawsuit against the liable party, however, may not be a simple endeavor for the grieving family since this legal move also requires much preparation and time in court which will only make the family members remember their loss. Thus, it would be in the best interest of the affected family to contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer, who will be able to provide expert court representation that will enable the surviving members, also called “real parties in interest” to merit the full amount of compensation allowed under the law.

The Amerio Law believes that “no financial gain can undo or erase a family’s traumatic loss and experience. However, legal action can certainly help relieve financial burdens and hopefully help the affected family obtain the justice and closure it deserves.”

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