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More than 29 Million Drivers Remain Uninsured in the US

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If you are a car driver in the US and you are to renew your car registration or driver’s license, or if ever you get involved in an accident or get pulled over by a traffic enforcer, one important document that will be asked of you, and which you will need to show, is proof that you have auto liability insurance.

Auto liability insurance is one way through which you can comply with the financial responsibility law, a law that requires drivers in the US to demonstrate their financial capability to pay for damages resulting from an accident wherein they are at fault. This law does not specifically mandate the carrying of auto insurance, just the capability to pay compensatory damages. For this reason, alternative options are available for drivers in the states of Virginia and New Hampshire (which happens to be the only state that does not mandate the carrying of auto liability insurance on drivers).

In the state of Virginia, drivers may choose to register their car as uninsured, but only after depositing cash or securities with their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In New Hampshire, drivers may purchase an auto liability policy if they choose to do so, however, to be able to comply with this state’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility requirements, it is enough for drivers to deposit cash or post a bond with the state. (There are certain instances when the state may require a driver to purchase and maintain auto insurance for some time. This is the case when a driver is cited for the reckless operation of a motor vehicle for a second and subsequent times, is he/she is found guilty of leaving the scene of an accident, if he/she is convicted of vehicular homicide, DUI or DWI or certain types of motor vehicle-related violations.)

In all other 48 states, carrying of auto liability insurance is a mandate, and the type of auto insurance that drivers need to carry depends on the type of insurance system that is recognized by their state: the “tort” or in a “no-fault” insurance system.

Under the tort system (38 states are currently under this), there is always someone held accountable for the accident (for drivers who wish to carry auto insurance in Virginia and New Hampshire, this is the available insurance coverage for them). The victim in an accident has the option to file a civil lawsuit against the liable party and claim compensation from the liable party’s insurance provider. The “no-fault” system, however, eliminates the need to file any lawsuit since compensation will be paid by the respective insurance providers of the drivers involved in the accident. Twelve states actually recognize this system: Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Utah, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Kentucky; the last three, however, allow drivers to choose either the tort liability car insurance or the no-fault liability car insurance.

Despite the mandate, more than 29 million drivers, according to the Insurance Research Council (IRC), remain uninsured. Many of these drivers find insurance premiums just too costly for them to keep on paying. Independent car insurance companies tell drivers, however, to use auto insurance quotes to compare prices; besides being free, these quotes are also sure to help drivers find the best deal based on their specific needs and budget.

Saving your business with mobile apps

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There are many ways on how you can save a failing business. Applying for a business loan, for instance, is one of the most tried and tested ways in refinancing your depleting capital. You may also choose to apply for bankruptcy in order to prevent creditors from chasing after your assets. Finally, you may also choose to work with regional centers to receive funding from foreign investors. Many individuals are interested in immigrating to the U.S. as investors, and you can leverage this interest for your business.

You may also choose to revisit your marketing strategy to see if there is anything you can do to increase transactions. Right now, savvy brands are becoming more and more aware about how powerful mobile apps are in driving conversions and sales. In business, your app could be your saving grace due to these different reasons:

App ensures visibility on the go

People are almost always on the go, which makes them turn heavily to mobile phones and smartphones when accomplishing tasks. A person coming home from work might be in the lookout for the best restaurant in town, or the best hotel to book for the weekend, and having an app to help your customers means you will never miss out on anything.

App promises continuous engagement

Customers who downloaded your app for business are your most loyal customers. Why? Apart from mustering the energy (and sometimes, the funds) needed to download your app, these customers will always be in the know of any product or service offerings and updates.

App can give what desktop sites can’t

Desktop sites are great when you want to drive traffic from audience at home or at work. However, having only a desktop site to market (and re-market) your products or services can be very dangerous, especially now that people are always accessing the Internet in whichever way they want – tablet, mobile, web-enabled TV etc. With hybrid apps, or apps that can adapt to different platforms, you can reach your customers whenever they feel like using their smartphone or tablet.

Of Pre-Employment Screening and Workers’ Compensation Claims

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Workplace injuries can be one of the more complicated and stressful legal proceedings that one could ever go through. There are so many factors involved – such as the incident itself, investigation of the even, the accountability of the employer and the insurance provider, et cetera – that acquiring compensation for the injury sustained can be a battle that is long and extremely arduous.

WorkSTEPS, Inc. states on its website that claims for workers compensation lessen dramatically when the people who enter into the profession are more physically and mentally capable of the job. Some individuals are injured on the job due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge with what they’re doing. That is why it is so important for employers to effectively screen their workers before they are put into the work force, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The website of Kankakee workers’ compensation attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C. indicates that as many as one in five American workers may suffer an injury that is so debilitating, they will not be able to work for at least a year. The loss of these wages could be devastating doing those numbers, that’s at least 30 million Americans who suffer such a devastating event.

Incidents of this nature are thereby better handled by professionals who have experience with dealing with circumstances like this. Not only do they have better resources in order to better aid the injured into the path to recovery but they also have sufficient knowledge on the best way to go about the situation so that it runs smoothly and without incident. The aid and wisdom of someone who knows what they’re doing can be a comfort for everyone involved as everything can proceed as back to normal as it can, with everyone on the receiving end of righteous justice.

Should I Sue for Personal Injury?

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Were you injured due to the actions of someone else? In the plainest definition of the term, this is a case of personal injury – but such circumstances need to be thought of complexly.

Personal injury is the area of law for any injury that a person has sustained – whether this is to the body, mind, or psyche. These cases are pursued by the civilians who were the victims of the case and thereby, this is a legal proceeding that is not spearheaded by the government. This is then a formal lawsuit to which the private individual (called the “plaintiff”) must then file a civil complaint.

It can be quite complicated and stressful for a private individual to handle on one’s own, however, as there is no federal law for most personal injury cases. That means that the circumstances that surround your case have consequences that are directly dependent on the state law that covers that particular case. For example, the practice of the state law involving personal injury is different from the one an Indiana personal injury lawyer is familiar with to the experience that of a Sheboygan personal injury lawyer. They can vary greatly. Sometimes, the assistance of these professionals is necessary in order for the proceedings to flow smoothly and without unnecessary incident or failure.

The truth, in the end, rests in the circumstances. As every circumstance is different, there is no one way of telling on whether or not you have a probable lawsuit on your hands or not. That is why it is advised that you contact an experienced attorney and then get warranted legal advice as to whether or not you should pursue this matter in a court of law or not. Some cases are legally constituted as ones of personal injury but pursuing the matter may not get you much in damages and only adding the stress of a court case and the services of a lawyer.

The Inevitable Consequences of Rollover Accidents

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It is almost an inevitable fact of life – car accidents happen every single day, there is no denying it. Transport via motor vehicles, be it private or public, is one that is necessary in this modern day and age. Human error is, of course, to be expected and sometimes – these errors can have extremely severe consequences.

Take instances involving rollover accidents, for example. Statistics show that it is extremely likely for every person in this generation to experience at least one car accident in their lifetime. This accident can range up to accidentally bumping against another car and it’s something that can be easily fixed – to an accident as severe as one of a rollover accident, wherein the contraption made out of thousands of pounds of steel and metal with fragile human beings inside topple over on the road. These accidents can often involve traumatic, permanent injuries – or worse, even death.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in the United States of America today – backed with information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – that there are over 9 million vehicular accidents every single year.

Milwaukee car accident lawyers point out that a lot of these accidents are ones that have caused great damage and extreme injury upon the victim that far extend past just the physical and emotional trauma. There is also the matter of financial compensation for not only the medical expenses necessary to constitute the best path to a full recovery, if at all possible, but also the recompense for the days lost wages due to absence from work, as is a natural consequence of being indisposed for a prolonged period of time.

It’s hard to say where this recompense will come from. In some instances, it comes from the manufacturer of a car who malfunctioned. In others, it may be received from another driver’s insurance company. Regardless, accident victims should not have to pay for the consequences of someone else’s neglectful actions.

The Effect of Personal Injury on Financial Matters

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Whether you believe it or not or whether or not you want it to be true, most of our lifetimes are spent working at a specific profession. Sometimes, these careers are pursued for the sake of regular income and a comfortable lifestyle; sometimes, these careers are what some people have been aspiring towards their entire lives.

Being capable of work is an important factor in the modern man or woman’s journey to survive in this world. If that capability is hindered, more than that one person could be haunted by this failure. What if the injured person now either temporarily or permanently incapable of work was the primary income earner of a household that was barely financially stable enough as it is? Kids might have to be pulled out of school and homes might have to be sold – and nobody wants to be kicked out of their lives so abruptly, especially if the circumstances that had surrounded the offending injury were not the fault of the victim in the first place.

According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, securing the necessary claims for compensation of lost wages in the event of an injury can be difficult and complex. The expenses to cover the medical procedures and necessities alone is enough to cause significant strain and stress on an entire family or even an entire business, if the injured person in question was responsible for the positions of an entire team.

Alongside the physical, mental, and emotional strain that an injury can cause is the financial aspect that is usually more immediate and more demanding as, gathering information from the website of lawyers Hach & Rose, LLP, it affects so many other people. That is why it is important then that if you or someone you know has been injured due to the negligent action of another party, an experienced attorney should be sought out to enter the scene in order to properly guide the affected through this rocky journey is that a lawsuit involving personal injury.

Criminal Charges: The Grey Areas Between the Absolutes

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In law, there are only the facts and figures – there is no grey area that it abides by as everything is constituted into absolute blacks and whites in order to uphold fair and just treatment for all, no matter the social class or financial capability or family name. However, the thing about human experience is that hardly anything is ever the absolutely black or white as everything rests upon the grey area.

Crime and punishment are an inevitable consequence of the system – commit a crime and you must be duly punished. However, to get from one of those points to another requires intensive scrutiny – especially if there are specific factors of the case that come into play, with regard to these circumstances. For example, if the accused claims innocence of the crime and has sufficient evidence to prove the claim, then he or she is liable to be freed from all charges. Some crimes’ punishments are so drastic that they need to be treated with the utmost care and sensitivity as there are still some countries and states that practice the death penalty.

Can you imagine losing your life to a crime that you did not even commit? Or a crime made out of necessity such as for self-defense or a crime made out of ignorance? Should a person be sentenced to death for a mistake that could be proven as the fault of someone else entirely or if the crime can be proven to not have such grand repercussions to warrant such a heavy punishment? This is where the grey areas come in – and to navigate these stormy waters, the accused might want to consider experienced help who have been situations like this prior as they are more equipped with how these things go.

The consequences of criminal charges can result into life changing situations just the same. It may not mean the electric chair or an injection but the taint of this on your record could very well close many opportunities for you – education, professional, and social – that it could be very hard for you to continue living anyway. Reconstituting ex-convicts into society can be one of the most difficult parts of the charge than serving actual time itself.

That is why it is the most important thing for you to consider professional legal representation, in order for your rights to be fully recognized and honored, and so that you are given the best possible chance at justice that you deserve.

Face It: Your Skin Needs Attention Too

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People find ways to treat themselves all the time. Sometimes, it’s with their favorite meal or maybe even a new jacket, a new pair of shoes, catching that new movie at a really good theater – and these are all well and good, but sometimes, people forget about a very vital part of themselves that they often neglect. Your shoe size can change with every store, you can get a new jacket whenever you feel like it and they all serve the same basic purpose – but you only have one face; and the care and pampering of your face is sometimes neglected for these more obvious frivolities.

Face it – no pun intended – this part of you is something that you will carry for the rest of your life. It cannot be hidden away and clothed the way you would your body (with a figure that can change at any moment’s notice) but your face will be your face, always.

According to the team with Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, the skin on your face takes a lot of impact and abuse on a daily basis without your notice. Sun exposure can damage it severely and dirt, among other external substances, can clog your pores and lead to imperfections that could have been avoided. It is for this reason that facials are strongly recommended for people who want to take care of this precious, irreplaceable asset of theirs.

Everyone has different skin types and lives in different conditions; these are all things that need to be taken into consideration when pondering on getting professional facial treatment. A consultation with an expert is advised in order to be more knowledgeable on the treatments before undergoing them. Professional treatment can ensure that you are treated with individual, specialized care that is suitable for you – in order to cater to your needs.

Your skin is more valuable than you think – maybe it’s high time you took better care of it.