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Of Pre-Employment Screening and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Posted on May 19, 2015 by in Workplace Dangers | 0 comments

Workplace injuries can be one of the more complicated and stressful legal proceedings that one could ever go through. There are so many factors involved – such as the incident itself, investigation of the even, the accountability of the employer and the insurance provider, et cetera – that acquiring compensation for the injury sustained can be a battle that is long and extremely arduous.

WorkSTEPS, Inc. states on its website that claims for workers compensation lessen dramatically when the people who enter into the profession are more physically and mentally capable of the job. Some individuals are injured on the job due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge with what they’re doing. That is why it is so important for employers to effectively screen their workers before they are put into the work force, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The website of Kankakee workers’ compensation attorneys of Spiros Law, P.C. indicates that as many as one in five American workers may suffer an injury that is so debilitating, they will not be able to work for at least a year. The loss of these wages could be devastating doing those numbers, that’s at least 30 million Americans who suffer such a devastating event.

Incidents of this nature are thereby better handled by professionals who have experience with dealing with circumstances like this. Not only do they have better resources in order to better aid the injured into the path to recovery but they also have sufficient knowledge on the best way to go about the situation so that it runs smoothly and without incident. The aid and wisdom of someone who knows what they’re doing can be a comfort for everyone involved as everything can proceed as back to normal as it can, with everyone on the receiving end of righteous justice.

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