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Different Hazards in the Workplace

Posted on Feb 4, 2017 by in Injury, Workplace Dangers | 0 comments

You already have a lot to think about at work, so the last thing you want to worry about is a workplace injury. But the truth is you have the right to be in a safe environment, so you can do your tasks in an efficient yet risk-free manner.

To prevent workplace injuries, you should first be aware of the different hazards that can be present in the workplace.

Safety Hazard
One of the most common causes of workplace injuries is the utter disregard for safety. For dangerous work spaces, such as construction sites, employers should enforce safety regulations, like the usage of protective gear, strict implementation of proper equipment operation, and avoidance of overexertion. For relatively safer spaces, such as offices, employers should make sure that there is no defective equipment that may cause injury, like escalators, elevators, and stairs.

Chemical Hazard
Chemical hazards are commonly seen on inherently dangerous workplaces, such as factories and manufacturing plants. Chemicals, gases, pesticides, and toxic wastes, are some of the most hazardous substances in the workplace. They may cause burns, skin irritations, and even respiratory problems. Employers have the responsibility to make sure that you are wearing the appropriate gear when in contact with these substances.

Ergonomic Hazard
Ergonomics refer to the proper designing of materials so they can be used comfortably and efficiently. The most common ergonomic issues include the workstation, where the monitor can be too low to comfortably accommodate your head and neck, where the keyboard can be too low that it is putting your wrists in unnecessary strain, and where the overall workstation can be too small that you bend your knees and legs uncomfortably just so you can fit. Experiencing these problems long enough may slowly cause injuries to your body.

Work Environment Hazard
Just as ergonomic hazards have proven, workplace injuries don’t have to be caused by violent accidents. Sometimes, the injuries are sustained because of the continuous straining of the body. The work organization can be a hazard to you, especially when it gives you too much work load that you need to overexert yourself. Issues with your co-workers can also be a problem. This problem can manifest into the form of abuse, sexual harassment, and violence.

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