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Causes of Birth Injuries

Posted on Jul 6, 2016 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the happiest moments in the life of a parent is the birth of their bundle of joy. On the part of the mother, she carried the baby on her womb for nine months and the excitement will only be greater once the baby comes out. But all the excitement can be wiped out with the news that their baby incurred impairment. According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, coping with the knowledge of their baby’s injury can be difficult for parents.
There is often a misconception that birth injuries and birth defects are just the same but this is not the case. Birth injuries are often preventable and are due to human error. On the other hand, birth defects are usually unavoidable and may be related to genes and DNA. In this article, we will discuss the common causes of birth injuries.

Human Factors

Birth injuries can be caused by several human factors ranging from improper handling during delivery, medications, or monitoring issues. Birth injuries due to human causes can be mild or severe. The former can be easily noticed while the latter may develop a few hours or days after the birth of the child.

Delayed Birth

Birth injuries may also arise from the baby staying too long in the birth canal for too many hours. According to medical experts, 18 hours of labor is the ideal time for cesarean section. After that, the baby is going to be in distress due to the compression from the birth canal.

Oxygen Deprivation

Brain related injuries in babies during birth results from oxygen deprivation. Extended hours in the birth canal can result to a prolapsed or kinked umbilical cord. Likewise, a baby with a low birth weight is also susceptible to oxygen deprivation. This can be uncovered during monitoring. However, if the symptoms are not detected immediately, the bay could suffer from brain injury.

Medical Error

Doctors and other medical personnel are highly trusted for their expertise and foresight in preventing avoidable problems. But they are still humans prone to make mistakes. Unfortunately, a simple medical mistake can result to pain and suffering for the parents. The error can make the baby severely disabled for life requiring long term care.

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